History of Science and Technology in Islam


Here, we publish a collection of brief notes on critical issues which might be of interest. Additional topics will be added in due course. Topics addressed so far:

Taqi al-Din and the First Steam Turbine

The Origin of the Suction Pump

The Crank-Connecting Rod System in a Continuously Rotating Machine

Flywheel Effect for a Saqiya

Description of Soap Making

The Geber Problem: The Origin of Liber Fornacum

Alcohol and the Distillation of Wine

Sal Nitri and Sal Petrae In Geber’s Latin Works

Lazaward (LAJVARD) And Zaffer Cobalt Oxide In Islamic And Western LLustre Glass And Ceramics

Reflux Distillation in Jabir's Alchemy In the Eighth Century

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