History of Science and Technology in Islam

The Arabic Origin of Summa perfectionis magisterii

Jabir’s Surviving Works

Materials for Making the Stone of Philosophers

Arabic Expressions in the Summa and the Investigation

Jabir’s Latin Names

"Our Volumes" of Geber: An Evident Proof to the Arabic Origin of the Latin Works

The Translator of Liber fornacum: Additional Significant Information

The Sulphur Mercury Theory and the Occult and the Manifest Principle
Comparison of Geber Latin Texts with Jabir’s Arabic

Calcinations by Fire Only or By the Acuity of Salt

Cleansing of Salt Alkali Latin Texts of Geber and their Arabic Equivalent from Jabir

Equipment in Arabic Alchemy

The Two Exhalations - Comparing Arabic Text with Geber’s Summa

The three Orders of Medicines

Arsenic in Geber's Latin Works And In Jabir's Arabic Treaties

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