History of Science and Technology in Islam


The Arabic Origin of Liber de compositione alchimiae

Gunpowder and Cannon in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries

Potassium Nitrates in Arabic and Latin Sources

Jabir’s Latin Works and the Question of Geber

The Origin Of Damascus Steel

AL-JAZARI and the History of the Water Clock

Transfer of Islamic Technology to the West

PART 1: Avenues of Technology Transfers

PART 2: Transfer of Islamic Engineering

PART 3: Technology Transfer in the Chemical Industries

Factors Behind The Decline of Islamic Science After The Sixteenth Century

Eighth century treatise on glass: Kitab al-Durra al-Maknuna (The Book of the Hidden Pearl of Jabir ibn Hayyan (c.721–c. 815) On Coloured Glass, On Lustre, On Gemstones And Pearls:

Part 1: The Manufacture of Coloured Glass

Part 2: Lustre Glass

Part 3: The Colouring Of Gemstones, The Purifying and Making of Pearls and Other Useful Recipes

Part 4: Assessment of Kitab al-Durra al-Maknuna

Arabic Alchemy 'Ilm al-San'a: Science of the Art

Engineering in Arabic-Islamic Civilization

Major Article: A refutation of Berthelot, Ruska and Newman on the basis of arabic sources

The Culture and Civilization Of The Umayyads And Prince Khalid Ibn Yazid

Maturity of Arabic Science at the Time of Jabir ibn Hayyan

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